March 13, 2022

Keith Richards on the Rolling Stones and a solo reunion

Source: CBS News The guitarist of The Rolling Stones, and frontman of Keith Richards & the X-Pensive Winos, talks with correspondent Anthony Mason about his solo career; writing new music with Mick Jagger; the passing of the Stones’ drummer Charlie Watts; and how he kicked his most persistent addiction. Read Full Article

February 4, 2022

Why sugar is so addicting and how you can remove it from your diet

Source: CBS News Many Americans began a wellness journey in the new year, and one common goal is eliminating sugar from their diets. Author and Bright Line Eating CEO Susan Peirce Thompson discusses how sugar is addictive, the psychology of eating and how to break the habit. Read Full Article

January 30, 2022

Wordle, the five-letter spelling addiction

Source: CBS News Correspondent Faith Salie (with a little help from New York Times crossword editor Will Shortz) fills us in on the new puzzle game that’s taking the world by storm, one letter at a time. Read Full Article

January 5, 2022

Health expert shares tips for breaking sugar addiction in 2022

Source: CBS News Beginning this month, many Americans will begin a wellness journey, with some starting by eliminating sugar from their diets. Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D. joins CBSN AM to talk about sugar, the psychology of eating and how to break the habit. Read Full Article

December 24, 2021

Tips for coping with holiday stress amid a rise in COVID-19 cases

Source: CBS News Travel snafus and the rise in COVID-19 cases will keep some families apart during this holiday season, adding to the stress level many Americans are feeling. Psychiatrist and certified addiction medicine physician Dr. Daniel Bober joins CBSN to share his advice. Read Full Article

September 29, 2021

Overuse of social media can impact mental health

Source: CBS News Facebook announced it will pause development of its Instagram Kids program, aimed children under the age of 13 after the Wall Street Journal reported that the company’s internal research found young people, particularly teenage girls,feel the negative affects of social media more. Derek Thompson, a journalist for The Atlantic, joined CBSN to […]