June 19, 2018

Beyond Opioids: How A Family Came Together To Stay Together

Source: NPR Infants do better with their parents, studies find, as long as parents have support to get and stay sober. This program starts during pregnancy, to rally and train a strong family support network.(Image credit: Natalie Piserchio for NPR)

June 10, 2018

Researchers begin to make progress against opioid abuse

Source: CBS News About 116 Americans die every day from opiod abuse. In response to the crisis, scientists across the country and around the world are trying to develop non-addictive painkillers. Researchers are starting to make progress. CBS News correspondent Kenneth Craig reports. Read Full Article

June 2, 2018

Why Silicon Valley parents are fighting kids’ screen time

Source: CBS News Children up to 8 years old spend an average of two hours and 19 minutes in front of a screen every day, and 47 percent of parents worry their kids are addicted to mobile devices. That includes many parents in the tech industry. CBS News correspondent Jamie Yuccas takes a look at […]