States Seek More Federal Funding For Opioid Treatment, Not More Promises

Source: NPR

Colorado State Rep. Brittany Pettersen (right) is advocating for more treatment money for opioid addiction, in part because of the substance abuse struggles of her mother, Stacy (left). Nathaniel Minor/CPR News

Opioids are on the White House agenda Thursday — President Trump plans to talk with members of his administration about the crisis. Meanwhile, all around the United States, state legislators, treatment providers, families and many others will be listening.

The administration’s other opioid efforts have, so far, yielded no new money. Congress authorized funds in its recent budget deal — but those dollars aren’t flowing yet, and states say they are struggling.

The Oklahoma agency in charge of substance abuse has been told by the state’s legislature to cut more than $2 million from this fiscal year’s budget.

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