Hospitals Brace Patients For Pain To Reduce Risk Of Opioid Addiction

Source: NPR

Michelle Leavy surrounded by her three sons. She became addicted to opioids when she was discharged from the hospital with doctors’ advice to use them for her pain after a cesarean section. She is now in recovery. Courtesy of Michelle Leavy

Doctors at some of the country’s largest hospital chains admit they went overboard with opioids to make people as pain-free as possible.

Now the doctors shoulder part of the blame for the country’s opioid crisis. In an effort to be part of the cure, they’ve begun to issue an uncomfortable warning to patients: You’re going to feel some pain.

Even for those who’ve never struggled with drug use, studies are finding that patients are at risk of addiction anytime they go under the knife.

“I had the C-section,

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