An Uncle’s Overdose Spurs Medicaid Official To Change Course

Source: NPR

The revelation that a favorite uncle had died from a long hidden drug habit shook Dr. Andrey Ostrovsky to his core. Last month Ostrovksy quit his job as Medicaid’s chief medical officer, and joined a group that’s working to dispel the shame of addiction. Gary Waters/Getty Images

Dr. Andrey Ostrovsky’s family did not discuss what killed his uncle in 2015. The man was young, not quite two weeks past his 45th birthday, when he died, and had lost touch with loved ones in his final months. At the time, Ostrovsky wondered if his uncle had perhaps killed himself.

Almost two years later, Ostrovsky was Medicaid’s chief medical officer, grappling professionally with an opioid crisis that kills about 115 Americans each day, when he learned the truth: His uncle had

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