New medical implant the answer to chronic pain?

Source: CBS News

A promising new high-tech medical device the FDA recently gave the go-ahead to could help some people move away from prescription painkillers. Twenty-six percent of Americans who are 20 and older report some type of chronic pain and every day, more than 650,000 prescriptions for opioids are filled. Two million Americans are addicted to those painkillers, which often provide a gateway to illicit drugs like heroin. But a new drug-free approach could help patients stop pain.

Chronic pain can affect every aspect of patients’ lives, preventing them from working, caring for family members or even themselves. It often starts in the back or leg, but it can quickly become all-encompassing, reports CBS News’ Dr. Tara Narula. Doctors now have a new tool to help decrease the perception of pain: a small implant placed in the back that can get

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