Why Target isn’t removing lead-laden fidget spinners

Source: CBS News

If you’re thinking about buying your kids a fidget spinner this holiday season, you may want to think twice. This inexpensive and addictive little toy is already the topic of choking hazard warnings by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. And Thursday morning the US Public Interest Research Group revealed that some of the spinners sold at Target (TGT) contain dangerously high levels of lead. 

The Fidget Wild Premium Spinner Brass tested at 33,000 parts per million for lead — some 300 times the 100 parts per million allowable for children’s toys. The lead level in another model, the Fidget Wild Premium Spinner in Metal, tested at 1,300 parts per million. 

The response from Target and the manufacturer: These particular spinners are recommended for consumers over the age of 14. That means CPSC lead restrictions for children don’t apply, according to

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