Inside Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war: The cycle of violence

Source: CBS News

He keeps one hand in a tense fist an inch away from the black canvas bag holding his gun. He talks quickly, delivering direct admissions. Slightly bruised toes hang from his rubber flip-flops. He is a self-identified hitman who claims President Rodrigo Duterte‘s government fuels and demands murder. 

“I think we are getting this from the government because this never happened in past administrations. It appears that money is being given to police and the police pays us,” he says.

“From Duterte?” we ask.

“This is,” he says, pausing and breathing deeply. “From the president.”

He’ll be hunted if his identity is revealed, so he wears a black mask and sunglasses with dark brown lenses to speak with us on camera. It is the same outfit he dons when he murders drug users. He goes by an alias, Delo.

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