January 4, 2019

A lost check and a found purpose

Source: CBS News Many homeless people are haunted by drug addiction, mental illness or a criminal past. Elmer Alvarez knows those demons all too well. But when he found a check for $10,000, he knew he had to track down the woman it belonged to. Now, they’re teaming up to help others. Steve Hartman has […]

December 19, 2018

Screen time usage & smartphone addiction

Source: CBS News Features to monitor screen time and app usage are getting built into devices from Apple and Google amid rising concern that we’re becoming addicted to our devices. We polled our CBSN newsroom to see how much we use our devices and what apps are most popular. CNET senior producer Dan Patterson joined […]

December 5, 2018

Is America Ready For Prescription Heroin?

Source: NPR In some countries, doctors prescribe medical-grade heroin to patients with long-term addiction. Could it ever happen the U.S.? A new report from RAND Corporation outlines the pros and cons.(Image credit: picture alliance/picture alliance via Getty Image)