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       This is a scary thought, but there are increasing numbers of girls with diabetes who are having disordered eating habits.  Early interventions may be helpful with letting girls know from the start of their diabetes how important it is to be responsible with their eating habits.  Diabetes can be manageable and anyone can live a healthy life, but when eating habits become distorted along with body image, the situation can become deadly.



    I know a few people who are living with diabetes and knowing that other diabetics are suffering from eating disorders is a scary thought like you mentioned.  When their blood sugar is low, it can be a stressful situation if they don''t get food in their system.  It''s a constant struggle to keep blood sugar levels at a normal rate.  And depriving yourself of food is just making a bad situation worse. 



    Most people who suffer from an eating disorder dont think twice about the harm they''re putting their body through. I''m sure even diabetics are just keeping one goal in mind and thats getting thin. Its sad to know that they could be fataly harming their body.



    Eating disorders are chronically disjointing to patients and family members around them. Often times, as Mrs. Ugly said, those that have eating disorders don’t completely understand the significance it is on them and those around them. Especially if someone is diabetic, the nutrients and vitamins needed to keep them healthy makes eating disorders even more dangerous – and deadly. Having control of your appetite, knowing what your body’s needs are and keeping yourself healthy are the most important to overall health. Keeping those thoughts in mind will help you – or someone you know – healthy and conscious of your eating habits.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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