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    With todays high pressure jobs and stresses, lots of people seem to
    burn out – I can think of several people I've worked with that have
    either had full breakdowns or had to take extended leave due to stress
    or depression. I think people need to learn to relax more, and
    that many countries need to give workers more time off – being in the
    office stressed and unproductive is worthless – wouldn't it be better
    to work harder for less time, and have more time relaxing?



    Yes it would be, but you reduce the working week and your staff do not work harder you just lose your productivity and your business goes to the wall. The french reduced thier working week to 35 hours several years ago and are now looking to re-introduce the 37.5 working hour week



    However there are businesses in the US where people put in 60 or 70 or 80 hour work weeks. If your employees are so stressed they can produce what good is that!



    I think 40 to 50 hours a week is plenty. You lose your effectiveness after that. Working under 40 hours, you ususally don't get benefits and we all need that.



    I also get burned out , but I can also do more work then most people but I have to pay bills so thats way I don't mind getting burned out



    I agree that people hit a point where working longer and harder doen't contribute to more productivity… it just leads to burnout and exhaustion. A 40 hour work week should be plenty. Also, it might help if corporations encouraged activities such as exercise and vacations.



    I think the most effective way of fighting stress is to learn stress management. Companies should regularly organize workshops on stress management. This not only give give better output from the employees but will also improve the company performance. Another effective way of fighting stress is meditation. Studies have shown that person who meditates have better performance then his counterparts cause it stress free.



    I am at a recovery center in Thailand called the New Life Foundation. There are several residents here who are suffering from burnout. Here, we use techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, Yoga, a variety of workshops, and life coaching to help them. The program here is very inexpensive, probably the least expensive I have seen, and it’s a quality program. I have been here for almost five months now. If you are interested, please check out our website to see if it might fit your needs: http://www.newlifethaifoundation.com
    Be well,

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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