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    hey everyone,

    im wondering if anyone knows the name of that 1 drug that when you drink alcohol it makes you severly sick? i was thinking of asking my doctor for them, but unsure of the name, plz help.




    I know of Naltrexone but it doesn''t make you feel sick. It just makes you not enjoy being drunk, it blocks the sensors that make you enjoy that feeling.



    NVM I found it for you, Disulfiram, or Antabuse.



    There are also a number of drugs that can reduce the cravings associated with alcohol.  A friend of mine is using this, and the cravings were the number one reason why he always went back to drinking.  So far, he''s been sober for a couple months now and has had no desire to drink.  He''s also attending AA classes every day.



    Do they have shots that reduce cravings? Because a person might stop taking pills and then continue drinking.



    I think the pills are a good method that can work as a crutch for the hardest part of recovery.  The cravings for alcohol can be extremely overwhelming.  There are many different variations of the drug, one of the most common is AntaBuse, but a person could probably request shots.  I''m sure it can be a struggle taking the pills, knowing they cannot drink.  But the drugs stay in your system for several days or weeks, so they''re not in danger of the effects of drinking.  I think overall, the pills might be a better choice because it teaches the alcoholic discipline and responsibility to the program. 



    Thankyou very much everyone, ill be asking my dr for this



    Wouldn''t it continue working even after they quit taking the pills? It just becomes mentally to you. One time I took this sleeping pill that made me feel really really sick, while I was really nauseated I drank some orange juice and threw up 5 minutes later. I know it was because of the pills that I threw up not the orange juice but I still cant drink orange juice anymore. I think if that pill made me real sick every time I drink I''d just mentally want to stay away from alcohol even if the pill is out of my life.



    Antabuse may help in the short term, but in the end, the problem is in your mind, not in your body. Taking Antabuse, to me, is like prolonging the inevitable. It’s almost like people who take Antabuse just want a quick fix, but a quick fix to keep them sober. They don’t necessarily want to work on the reasons why they drink. To me, working on one’s recovery is most important. I am an alcoholic in recovery now, in Thailand, at a recovery center called the New Life Foundation. I never used Antabuse. I put myself in recovery. We have a good program here, using a variety of workshops, life coaching, meditation, and Yoga. It’s also very inexpensive. If you want to work on the root causes of your alcoholism, think about giving recovery a chance. Please look at our website when you have a chance:
    Be sober and be well,

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