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        As of right now, I have 9 close friends from high school that are in the Marines.  Almost all of them have substance abuse issues and I fear how it will affect them in the service. I figure it can only get better or worse.  Whenever they''re back in town, all they do is party nonstop.  And I figure on the weekends and in their spare time, they must be drinking on the base too. 
        When they go over to Iraq, they need to be in their best state of mind, capable of using all of their senses because it could mean life or death.  If their judgment is impaired, they are more likely to have a costly mistake and get themselves or someone else killed.  I''m worried for all of them, each time one of them leaves, I''m torn inside.  All I can do is cheer them on and hope for the best, but expect the worse.  I''m praying that all 9 of them can return safely, but I''m constantly worried. 



    I have one very close friend in the service.  He signed up for infantry, I don''t know why but that''s the choice he made.  I pray and pray everyday for him.  That''s all you can do is support them.  The decision is made and they''re going to be there no matter what.  If they die, then you''ll have to deal with it, but just be there as much as you can while they''re over there.  I hear it gets really lonely at times, but most of the time they''re extremely busy.



    I think them joining could actually help them in many ways. They could end up coming home sober, and much better men. But if something does happen to them then thats faith, thats what God has written for them and we all need to accept that.



    Sounds like my experience in the Marines. I drank alot. Mostly ''cause I had plenty of money, spare time, and was somewhat dissatisfied with the way things were going for me. However, while on deployment in Iraq, there isn''t (usually) access to alcohol. I don''t think anyone would want go into that situation under the influence. I was normally on my top performance on the job.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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