Tobacco Addiction

The following 15 item self-assessment is intended to help you determine your level of tobacco dependency and assist you in considering whether to seek help. This self-test refers to people who have used, or are now using, tobacco and nicotine substances (i.e., cigarettes, chewing tobacco, snuff, pipes, and cigars). All results are confidential and anonymous.

Instructions: Please respond to each item the best you can in regards to your use of tobacco in the past year. If your answer is yes, or mostly yes, check Yes. If you answer is no or mostly no, check No. Click Submit once you complete the survey to see immediate results and comments. The assessment is for personal and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for an evaluation by healthcare professionals.

Tobacco Addiction


Have you tried to quit using tobacco but have not yet been able to?

Do you use tobacco almost every day?

Is your tobacco use isolated to rare social occasions?

Have you felt stressed or frustrated when you are not able to smoke due to rules against smoking in certain places?

Do you typically use tobacco more frequently during the first hours after waking than the rest of the day?

Have you been using tobacco consistently for over 6 months?

If you tried to quit in the past, did you feel a strong need or urge to use tobacco?

Have you ever felt like you were addicted to tobacco?

Do you use tobacco to escape from worries or trouble in your life?

Do you often find yourself using more tobacco more than you originally intended to?

Have you found that tobacco use has reduced your sense of taste?

Have you contracted a tobacco-related illness then continued to use tobacco?

If you tried to quit in the past, did you feel anxious or irritable because you couldn't use tobacco?

Is controlling the amount of tobacco you use difficult for you?

If you tried to quit in the past, did you experience a weight gain or an increase in appetite?

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