Sex Addiction Quiz

The following 22-question self-assessment is intended to help you determine whether your sexual activities, behaviors, feelings and habits are contributing to significant problems in your life and to assist you in considering whether to seek help. This test is confidential and anonymous. It is for personal understanding and educational purposes and is not a substitute for an evaluation by healthcare professionals.

Instructions: Please respond to each item the as best as you can regarding your sexual behavior, feelings, activities, and habits. If your answer to the question is yes, or mostly yes, check Yes. If your answer to the question is no or mostly no, check No.

Sex Addiction


Have you made a promise to others to stop a problematic sexual habit and then broken that promise?

Does your sexual behavior often leave you feeling anxious, guilty or ashamed?

Have you repeatedly broken commitments in your relationships by having sex and/or affairs with others?

Do you often feel driven to engage in sexual behaviors or activities even though you know they are not good for you?

Do you fantasize or think about sex so often that it interferes with other areas your life?

Does your sexual behavior often leave you feeling hopeless or depressed?

Have you attempted to stop or reduce a troubling sexual habit or behavior and been unable to?

Does your job suffer because of your sexual activities or behavior?

Do your sexual activities cause you to have a secret life that is hidden from those closest to you?

Does your sexual behavior ever create significant financial problems for you?

Has someone told you that your sexual behavior or habits are excessive, inappropriate, or out of control?

Has looking at pornography become excessive or problematic in your life?

Have you ever sought professional help for excessive, problematic or habitual sexual behaviors?

Do you frequently seek out sexually-oriented businesses (phone, stores, entertainment, online, escorts, etc.)?

Has visiting sexually related sites on the internet become a habit that is hard to pull yourself away from?

Are your relationships with family and/or friends suffering because of your sexual habits?

Do you engage in excessive masturbation to the point of harming your health, emotional well being, or relationships?

Is anonymous sex with others a frequent activity you seek or one you periodically engage in?

Do you consider your sexual behavior or habits to be excessive, inappropriate, or out of control?

Are you especially excited by sexual behavior that includes a risk of being caught?

Could your sexual behavior or habits result in you being arrested or having legal problems?

Do you repeatedly risk your health by engaging in high-risk sexual activities or behaviors?

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