Food Addiction

The following self-assessment is intended to help you determine whether overeating is contributing to significant problems in your life. This assessment is for information purposes only and is not a substitute for a professional evaluation. Only a health care professional can make a formal diagnosis. All results are confidential and anonymous.

Instructions: Please respond to each item the best you can regarding how your eating behaviors affects you and your life. If your answer is yes, or mostly yes, check Yes. If you answer is no or mostly no, check No. Click “Submit” when you complete the survey to see your results and receive other feedback.

Food Addiction


Do you consider the amount of food you normally eat to be excessive?

Do you typically eat much faster than most people would normally eat?

Do you get depressed or experience mood swings related to food and eating?

Do you eat to escape from worries or trouble in your life?

Do you sometimes feel ashamed with the large amount of food you have eaten?

Have you felt stressed when you don't have your comfort foods?

Do you experience a lack of control when eating?

Do you eat large amounts of food even when you are not feeling physically hungry?

Do you eat sensibly with others but overeat when alone?

Do you often eat so much that you feel uncomfortably full?

Do you find yourself eating more than you originally intended to eat?

Do you spend too much time and thought on food?

Do you withdraw from activities because of embarrassment about being overweight?

Has your doctor suggested to you that you need to lose weight for health reasons?

Have you ever been treated for a food-related medical condition?

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