The following self-assessment is intended to help you determine whether alcohol is contributing to significant problems in your life. This assessment is for information purposes only and is not a substitute for a professional evaluation. Only a health care professional can make a formal diagnosis. All results are confidential and anonymous.

Instructions: Please respond to each item the best you can regarding how alcohol use affects you and your life. If your answer is yes, or mostly yes to an item respond with yes, if your answer is no or mostly no respond with no. Click “Submit” when you complete the survey to see your results and receive other feedback.



Do you sometimes get angry or disappointed at yourself for not being able to quit using alcohol?

Do you undergo personality changes or mood swings related to your alcohol use?

Do you sometimes put using alcohol ahead of your significant relationships in your life?

When you drink, does it take more to get you drunk or buzzed than it used to?

Have you ever received a DUI, or been afraid you would get one if the police pulled you over while driving under the influence?

Has your alcohol use caused fights and arguments with family members or friends?

Does alcohol make you feel depressed, angry, or upset?

Have you broken promises to yourself that you will quit or cut back on your alcohol use?

Has a major area of your life been negatively affected by your alcohol use (work, close relationships, health, school, self esteem)?

Are most of your friends into alcohol as a major part of their lives?

Do you find it necessary to lie to employers, relatives or friends in order to hide your alcohol use?

Have you ever thought that you have a alcohol problem?

Has your sleep been significantly affected by alcohol use (either sleeping too much or not getting enough sleep)?

Have you ever been encouraged by others, whom you trust, to stop or cut back on how much alcohol you drink?

Have you ever wished that you could talk to someone who could understand your alcohol-related problems and offer real help?

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