TV Addiction

The average television viewer will ultimately spend nine years of his or her life watching television, out of an average lifetime of 75 years. And the viewer may become addicted. According to a study, television addicts have the same symptoms as alcoholics or drug addicts. The research, by US scientists, says that television addiction is real and works in the same way as habit-forming drugs. Others argue that watching television is like gambling in the way people become addicted.

Substance dependence is defined as a disorder characterized by symptoms that include spending a great deal of time using the substance, using it more often than they intend to, giving up social, family or job related activities to use it, and reporting withdrawal symptoms when they stop using it.

All of these symptoms can be used to describe people who watch a lot of television. It doesn’t necessarily mean watching television is problematic. TV can provide many things, distraction, escape, plus it can teach and amuse. The problem starts when the person knows that they should get up and do something else, but can’t seem to walk away. They just simply can’t turn the television off.

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