Shopping Addiction

There are those who call shopping one of America’s favorite pastimes. They’re the ones who love to buy a great accessory or a little gift for a friend. But for others, it is more than just a great way to spend time. It is an addiction, very real and destructive, that can change their lives. It is an addiction that, while it is not new to society, is not as recognized as others.

Like any other addiction, it can be defined as excessive and inappropriate. It has not only to with impulsiveness but also a lack of control. Just like any other addiction, these individuals will get a high from shopping, an endorphin rush.

Here are some telltale signs of a problem:

  • spending over budget
  • compulsive buying (not really needing anything you’re buying)
  • hiding the problem
  • using shopping (or spending money) as a way to deal with feelings (anger, depression, anxiety)
  • getting a rush from spending
  • feeling guilty or ashamed after spending
  • obsessing about money

Compulsive shopping can make one feel great, but all it’s doing is covering up whatever feelings their trying to avoid. For some perhaps it’s about hiding their insecurities, unsure that people would like the real them. For others maybe it’s all about “keeping up with the Joneses”. Whatever the reason may be, there is help available.

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