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Addicted.com provides addiction recovery resources and tools for addicts, family members and friends throughout the Internet community. We provide help to our visitors through online tools such as our Zip Code Locator, which can locate help nearby, including addiction treatment centers, counselors, doctors and psychologists.

Originally designed as an addiction treatment referral service, Addicted.com now provides many other features including online forums, social networking and professional advice through Q&A’s. Our goal is to maintain a well-known site for people to visit when they need advice, answers, assistance or just someone to talk with. Common addictions our visitors deal with include drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, over-eating, gaming and shopping.

We have also realized the need for an online “Aftercare” program. Commonly, addicts are sent to a 15 to 30 day treatment center for rehabilitation. After their stay, they often find themselves back home in the same environment – with the same temptations. We have designed, what we call, our Online Aftercare Program that allows the recovering addicts to logon to our site and chat in real-time with the alumni and counselors from their previous treatment stay. This gives them instant access to help that they are familiar with – from the comfort of their own home. We are offering a place where anyone can logon and find help 24 hours a day.

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