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Struggling with a harmful addiction is a problem that millions of people are faced with everyday. And everyday many of those people take the biggest step toward recovery, they decide they need to make a change and get help. At Addicted.com we are focused on helping people find help for themselves or loved ones that are dealing with harmful addictions, including: drug abuse, alcohol abuse, sex addictions, prescription drug addictions, substance abuse, gambling addictions and more. From helping people find long term inpatient rehab facilities to outpatient counseling programs, Addicted.com is focused on finding the right program for you. No matter how desperate your situation may seem recovery and help are never out of reach. Change is possible, there is hope and by calling our team at Addicted.com you are taking the first step towards recovery.

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    Because some people with terminal illnesses treat pain with marijuana, this drug has a reputation of being less harmful. But marijuana has many bad effects on the body, including causing learning and memory problems, altering perception of reality, causing clumsiness and increasing the heart rate. Marijuana contains a chemical called THC which inhibits brain function, and can leave permanent or long-lasting effects even after you’ve stopped smoking it. — http://factfile.org